Petits Ecoliers de Miami.

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How to Get Involved and Ways You Can Help Us !

We are an association made of parents for parents! You can help us to continue our mission and group out group for the best interest of our children and community!

APEM is a non-lucrative association (501(c)3 status), run exclusively by volunteers with One Aim: Offering a top-notch French program open to all families because of our ability to offer  affordable fees.

We welcome parents to help with donating some voluntary time.  We always welcome additional help as French classes set up in the schools are very demanding.
As a parent you could help us:

  • while getting the kids ready for the class,
  • by arriving a little earlier or
  • by helping the teacher to introduce a lesson or a project…

Please feel free to contact us for anything you could to help our children improving their French and make our program run even smoother!

We gratefully welcome donations of :

  • books, magazines, comics
  • CDs or DVDs
  • games
  • cash donation paid to APEM to support us in our everyday functioning (teacher’s salary, insurance, scholarship, renting of the school class)

As well as assistance regarding :

  • leads for possible spaces to rent for future classrooms in the community
  • Speaking to your school principal regarding interest in our program
  • Spreading the word about our program to prospective families/students

Please do not hesitate to contribute in any way you can!
Please contact Monica Munoz at 954.624.5744 or just  write to us at

Your donation will be partially tax-deductible, status 501(c).

Additionally,  we would like to give a special thanks to the parents who have been volunteering so far and are supporting us with our mission.


You could help in opening a new location:
Instead of taking your kids far way from your place for French classes, let’s try to open up new classes FLAM in your area. If other children in your children’s school are interested in French classes, it could be possible to do French classes in that school with the agreement of the Administration.
As well, as school principal, if you are interested in setting up French classes in your school, we will be very happy to work with you.