Petits Ecoliers de Miami.

Francophones (French native speakers)

French native speakers:

  • Mini Francophones: under 5 years old

Young students who are already fluent in French at home start to discover a reading approach through phonics games and activities. They learn about French culture and vocabulary through songs and celebrate French calendar events as if they were kindergarten students in a French school.

  • Petits Francophones: between 5 and 8 years old

They learn how to read in French and develop their skills through improved grammar and writing. They study French culture through drama activities, poems and lyrics.

  • Grands Francophones: between 9 and 11 years old

These students discover French literature and many of the authors typically studied in a true French curriculum. They continue to improve their knowledge of the French code through grammatical activities and writing.  Math activities are practiced to obtain a more global understanding of the French curriculum.

  • Francophones at ’Collège’ : above 11 years old until 16

These students study literacy texts to improve their knowledge of grammar and to enrich their vocabulary; novels, plays and other pedagogical materials incite students to develop their critical thinking skills. Theater/drama activities and math are also included in this program, again for more well-rounded learning.